12 AUG, 2020

How are we making our courses Covid-safe?

Currently, Melbourne is in lockdown, however, even when we are allowed to continue face-to-face training, how will we deal with the current reality of minimizing the spread of Covid-19?



The following are precautionary measures that EEFA currently feature in all classes:



  • Controlled class sizes
  • 4sq meter social distancing
  • Individual practice equipment (not shared)
  • We use disposal bandages (for bandaging assessments)
  • Vigilant trainers will ask a learner to leave and reschedule if:
    • There are sign and symptoms of illness
    • If a learner has had contact with anyone from overseas
    • If a leaner has been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Hand-washing requirement before and after the class
  • All training equipment, defibrillators and epi-pens are sterilized between classes

When it is deemed safe for your team to once again attend our classes in person, to attain your next first aid certificates or updates, please rest assured that we have your safety and peace of mind at heart.


Please contact us if you have any questions, or want to know how you can get still move foward on getting qualified during the lockdown.

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